Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lessons learned from an old pair of shoes....

I love shoes. All kind of shoes...but I purposely search out unique shoes. I like to go into DSW and browse the shelves for shoes that really "catch"my eye.The brighter the better! If they have jewels, well count me in baby. After all, a little black dress can turn from just "simple" to "totally amazing" with THE right pair of shoes. So yes, I am a shoe hunter... and much to my husbands dismay, my "gun" is always loaded, looking for the next "BIG GAME" to take home. Therefore, due to my LOVE shoes, I do not tend to wear the same pair over & over... I like to mix it up. Hey, a girl must have a hobby. But a few years ago I received a pair of shoes in the Spring of '07 that I have worn every single day for the past 3 years. At first these shoes were tight and so uncomfortable that ,at times, the pain of wearing them would literally bring me to my knees but I couldn't take them off... no matter how hard I tried. After a while, I got used to the pain and realized that maybe there was purpose in it. Eventually those shoes stretched out and allowed me to walk a little easier but the pain was still there... it never completely faded. I HATED those shoes!!! I wanted to take them off and throw them away so bad, after all, not only did they cause me pain BUT they were HORRIBLY UGLY. As the years went by I have learned to live with these shoes. To accept their ugly, uncomfortable, painful existence in my life... to even be thankful for them. And as much as I would love to remove these shoes from my feet, I can no more do that than Abby can remove the cancer from her lungs. For you see, the shoes I walk in everyday are the shoes of a cancer mom. They are not pretty or frilly. They are tough, hard, and sometimes, down right mean. BUT they are also full of HOPE,a tremendous amount of LOVE & FAITH. God has taught me many things while I have worn these shoes...way to many to list right now but one of the biggest lessons I have learned is...No matter how painful, ugly & uncomfortable the shoes are you wear in this life, God ALWAYS has a purpose for their pain. So I'll keep wearing these old, painful worn out shoes and listening to Him. And maybe one day He'll give me a new pair of beautiful red one's, I ADORE red shoes, with a great BIG miracle attached to them!!!!!


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