Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friendship According to Toy Story 3....

I remember the day Ian & I saw the first promo trailer for Toy Story 3. We were both so excited!! But I have to admit that he was probably just a wee bit more excited than me, after all he is a 4 year old connoisseur of all things Disney related.Gee, I wonder were he gets that from? But more importantly, from the time he could understand what a movie was, "Toy Story 1 & 2" has always ranked among his absolute favorites. He can quote all the lines and yes, he gets the jokes. So when he saw that Disney/Pixar were finally granting his wish to continue with the,ummm "STORY" line, to say he was simply excited would be an understatement. He has waited with baited breath for opening day. And oh, the days leading up the that day have been pure torture... not just for him but for me as well. It's been much like a long ride in a car. You know the ones I'm referring to. The ones where your child ask you every 5 minutes..."ARE WE THERE YET???" Only the question around here has been, " Is it that day yet???" And of course the response,up until now, has been a resounding, "NO, NOT YET." So when Friday finally rolled around there was no holding Ian back. He wanted so badly to go see that movie right then and there but as fate would have it ( or his little temper... whichever way you want to see it) we held off taking him to see it until today.... so off we went. All 4 of us. None more excited than my little man, after all he was going to see some of his HERO'S on the BIG SCREEN. At first, I was just excited for him. I liked the first 2 movies... how could you not, they are hilarious!!!! But I was wondering if this one would be able to meet my high expectations. And I must tell you, it did. Actually, if you'll forgive the pun, it blew my expectations to "INFINITY AND BEYOND" (come on... you saw it coming). It truly is a funny, cute, and at times, heart wrenching story. I won't give anything away but let's just say... the last 10 minutes I cried like a baby...LITERALLY!!! I kept screaming in my head, "NO, ANDY!!!! DON'T LEAVE THEM!!! THEY'RE YOUR BEST FRIENDS!!! AND THEY LOVE YOU!!!" That's how involved I was... sad, I know. But here's the biggest thing I walked away with from this wonderful little movie... TRUE FRIENDS NEVER,EVER LEAVE EACH OTHER BEHIND!!! NO MATTER WHAT SITUATIONS LIFE BRINGS YOUR WAY. Now I have to tell you why that is so important to me... you see, when Abby was diagnosed with cancer I lost nearly all my "true" friends. Friends that said they would be by my side no matter what.Life long friends. At first it made me angry that my "friends" would abandon me and my family when I needed them most but then I realized that maybe they just couldn't handle Abby having cancer and if that was the case then I really didn't need them in our lives right now. But then God did something amazing... He started shining His light on people in my life that were TRUE FRIENDS. The ones who NEVER, EVER LEAVE EACH OTHER BEHIND... the ones I never saw until I needed them the most. And then He began bringing NEW FRIENDS into my life who love with a love that can only be God-sent. There are some days when I look at these friends, both old & new, and think to myself, "I could not go on another day if this person was not in my life to make me laugh or hold my hand while I cry or sit and listen to me scream in frustration." That's when I realize the true meaning of friendship... it's not always lollipops & rainbows. Sometimes it full of storms that rage out of control and you just need a shelter in which to hide......that's when you know who your "TRUE FRIENDS" are. And when you find them, hold them tight... love them with the love of our Father.... and always make sure you have something to laugh at...TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!! :)



  1. Awesome post! I can't wait to see the movie.

    I remember a friend saying the same thing about friends when her child was diagnosed. I pray that you always have your true friends right by your side.

    Love you guys!!

  2. Tina, you might want to consider adding to the name of your blog "a new kind of normal.........with kleenex"!!

    You are a gifted communicator --

  3. I cried at the end of the movie too and my kids thought I was crazy!! hahaha